Humanity has been enslaved for thousands of years, and for most of us living in nations considered “free,” this is pretty new knowledge.

Over the last few years, since the Q operation began, more and more people have begun to understand how important America is in the whole scheme of history – and even in prophecy.

Although we’re seeing the Democrat Communists and their terrorist allies trying hard to erase their own evil past through their efforts to destroy statues of their OWN heroes(!), Patriots are in control of the narrative and are revealing the latest virtue signaling is just another shell game – look over there! – by the same people who have been conning us for generations.

Klaus NWOA people who has forgotten its history is doomed, and this is the strategy that the Marxists who have infiltrated our society are trying to use against us.

So, hold on to those traditions, your values and beliefs, your history and heroes. It will all be protected as long as we stand together against their attempts to impose their version of “hope and change” on us all.

As I have been writing here for awhile, humanity is in a time of great, prophetic transition known as the 8th Fire by the Ojibwe people whose Ancestors have lived in the Toronto area for many generations, and as the Great Awakening by millions around the world. 

Many of us have been in a holding pattern, feeling like it’s taking forever for enough people to wake up that we can begin working toward removing the criminals and creating change for, by, and of the people.

This time of limbo is a bit of a double edged sword with one blade offering us respite from a chaotic world, and the other offering the temptations that come from too much isolation.

Isolation is good and necessary at times, as Snake reminds us. But, we have to be careful not to allow ourselves and our personal worlds to completely fall apart because we’re outside any structured routine for the moment.

Eagle in TreeJanuary’s totem is the Eagle – the messenger of the Creator for people of all traditions around the world.

Eagle sits at the top of the Medicine Wheel, in the White Quadrant, where the Grandfathers live and the keeper of the gate to the Great Spirit.

And, right now Eagle is flying into the middle of this time of Crow and Coyote – the bottom of the V where the tricksters are beginning to show their hands, reveal the truth of their characters and their belief systems.

Eagle comes to remind us via Crow’s shenanigans that charm and beauty are powerful indeed, but they fade and all that remains is the truth of our hearts and our connection to the Great Spirit.

Eagle shows us that as we grow in our spiritual maturity, we are less easily swayed by external packaging and are content to allow others to show us who they truly are, rather than the manufactured version they have shown to the public. 

Raven and Coyote Medicine 2During this time of Crow (and Coyote) transition, many millions of us around the world have been awakened to the tricks of the dark ones, and have learned about Universal Law and Truth – which has led us to our true packs. 

But, although we’re having these fantastic personal experiences, and connecting with new like-minded friends, many of us are also finding that loved ones who have been in our lives for very long times are still so deeply enmeshed in the illusions of the matrix, it’s uncertain if they will ever get out.

How many of us knew that people we married, befriended, or worked for would literally support and cheer on a Communist takeover of their own nation? How many of us knew that people we loved would choose the path of death and the continued illusion over life, liberty and freedom?

After a conversation with one of these people in my life yesterday, I am wondering if I ever knew him at all. If I knew then about the person he’s revealing himself to be now, would I have connected with him at all? Or maybe I was pretending and playing along in the matrix at that point as well.

The truth about relationships is that we meet people where we’re at, when we’re supposed to meet them – for the continued growth of our souls on Earth. As we walk along the path with them, we’re given many opportunities to decide if we will continue walking together based on our shared values and understanding of reality, or if we will walk apart and be grateful for the lesson.

It’s hard to know why people choose to stop their own spiritual development and turn instead toward full on materialism.

But, that is the essence of what is being revealed right now.

Crow teaches us to see beyond the illusions of a person’s façade, to dig beneath their projections to understand what is driving them, and also to learn more about our own lessons in the areas being brought into the light.

Firebird FlightBecause healing travels a circular path, Eagle and Crow remind us that we will revisit people, conversations, and even activities again to give us the opportunity to discern the truth from the illusion and make the best choice about how we need to proceed.

It’s a wash, rinse, repeat cycle for us personally, and as a global community.

In Canada, as in nations around the world, the people are finally beginning to awaken, join together, and take clear and decisive action against the puppet leaders who are paid to rob and destroy us.

Canadian Convoy 1 freeedomThe red wave has officially begun, as we saw a DJT rally in Arizona recently, and another coming up this Saturday, January 29 in Texas – the very same day that the Canadian Convoy for Freedom will be rallying in Ottawa against the Trudeau/Castro regime’s Communist insurgency.

As we have seen in other nations, Trudeau’s illicit regime is on its final legs.

The citizens of Canada are now harassing the globalist puppets and surrounding government buildings, with the backing of most of the members of law enforcement at every level along with the military (who just refused Trudeau’s request for the Army to protect him from the hordes of truckers & supporters on their way to Ottawa 😆🙏🇨🇦🇺🇸🦅🥳)

After what felt like months and weeks of blockages, more medicide terror and nothing happening, all the sudden it seems the dams have burst and the quiet majority is at bat.

Not many of us would ever have thought we would become political activists and step up to save our countries from tyranny and corruption. But, here we are. Those of us who are awake and working to share the truth, are increasingly grateful and are beginning to see waves of sleepers starting to rise.

Millions every day are waking up to the deceit that is destroying us, are beginning to go through the grueling process of revelation which ultimately leads to truth. Crow dancing with the Eagles . . . 

It’s all a numbers game, so I believe we’re going to start seeing some major changes soon – but, I have been known to be far too optimistic, so we will have to wait and watch as the story continues to unfold.

In the meantime, make sure you’re staying connected with other Patriots so you’re not left in the dark if the lights go out. You can find Bird Clan Messenger on Telegram, Facebook, Rumble, and YouTube these days.

This week, I’m spending a lot of time covering the Convoy to Ottawa, giving our truckers and the great leadership team lots of love. So very proud to be here in Canada right now!

If you missed it, check out the Patriots’ tributes to the #TruckersForFreedom I put together in a Memetastic roundup with the theme from Last of the Mohicans and Susan Aglukark’s beautiful, “O’ Siem” (we are all family. . . )

Thank you so much for being here.

It is my honor to be your messenger.