Skunk Medicine – Respect and the Boundaries of Freedom

As we learn from our Native relatives, it is often the ones who are shunned, ridiculed, and attacked by bullies who have the most powerful medicine to offer. For this is the power of the Scapegoat energy – which drives us away from the collective into the wilderness where we connect with the Great Spirit and learn to call on our helpers and become the creatures we were meant to be in this life.

Kitchen Party 2/12/21 – Snake Medicine, Cherokee Prophecy of the Rattlesnake, & Medicine Card Teachings

This week is a Snake Medicine week in the year of the Great Mother Bear who reminds us that this entire year is a time of introspection and healing. Snake reminds us that winter is a great time to hibernate and focus on regeneration after we have experienced a period of trauma and/or Spiritual growth. We're also talking about Turkey (Gratitude) Buffalo (Stamina, Prayer) Coyote (humor during the time of awakening) and cards from other traditions.

Totem Tuesday – Snake, Turkey, Buffalo, Coyote & Frens – 2/9/21

This week, Snake is reminding us about the primordial power of the Divine Feminine energy of regeneration - the need for hibernation, review, looking at our perception, habits and healing plans. Joining Snake - in this 2nd week of Hawk month in the year of the Great Mother Bear are Turkey,

Snake & Coyote Medicine – Hibernation, Alchemy & the Blessing of Time

Snake reminds us that walking the Sacred Hoop is a very long, circular process in which we walk through each house of the Medicine Wheel many times each day. We have the choice about how long we stay in each house, and the quality of our experience while we are visiting.

Eagle Medicine: The Great Awakening, Healing, and Reconciliation

Sharing this great teaching again in an extended discussion on YouTube.

In the three decades since the Fifth Generation began rebuilding Native Turtle Island culture after generations of removal, genocide and terror of our people, hundreds of thousands of people have been touched and healed by the powerful integration of Indigenous Traditional Medicine and Healing into the larger culture of North America.

Eagle shows us that the time has come for The People to expand our good works in leading this healing journey for countless souls in who have been wounded in heart, body, mind, and spirit through the processes of contact and settlement.

Bird Clan Messenger

“It is time to begin waking our sleepers and telling them the news of The People’s transformation and where we fit into Creator’s larger plan for all the people. Go gently to the Elders who have fallen asleep and forgotten our ways. Speak with love and encouragement to the Mothers and Fathers who are raising the children of the 8th Generation. Most importantly, listen to the children and let them lead the way, for they are our future. They hold the wisdom, the creative energy, and the ability to harness the Universal Law of multiplication in the palms of their hands.” – Eagle

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Totem Tuesday Medicine Card Reading – Grizzly Bear, Alligator, Turkey, Badger, Salmon – and Frens

Osiyo frens - Still having technical difficulties (born of being a pre-tech generation person, har), so this video took quite a bit longer to finish than expected. This week, Grizzly Bear is our primary totem with Salmon taking Bear's place up in the Sky overlooking the show. Grizzly Bear is in the Northern home of … Continue reading Totem Tuesday Medicine Card Reading – Grizzly Bear, Alligator, Turkey, Badger, Salmon – and Frens

Watch the Water – Changing our Perceptions of Sickness and Healing

We, as a human family, have reached the turning point – away from the dark times of corporate control of our lives, and we are walking back to a simpler, family and community based way of life. All over the world we are seeing people and communities coming together in the name of health and healing rather than fear and war and disease.