By Kandace Keithley and Jean Paul Baptiste

The majority of humans are now beginning to awaken to the horrible truths about what we have done to our planet through trusting corrupt leaders, participating in the degradation of ourselves, our families, our communities, our nations – and our Mother Earth through the daily individual choices we have made and are still making.

It is clear to see that humans have become so used to suffering that they will continue trusting their abusers and participating in the systems that keep them enslaved.

The Ancestors teach us that we are so conditioned to our suffering caused by our disconnect from the Great Spirit that we will return to the source of our pain over and over.

This is the cycle of abuse and we are now seeing it in every facet of society – from the false pandemic with its medical genocide and economic assaults to the attacks on law and order at the same time violence is increasing around the world. We truly are in a battle for the heart and soul of humanity.

And it all comes down to this:

The choices we make every day define our personal and collective reality.

When we – ignore the teachings of The Ancestors and our Prophets, Visionaries and Medicine People and instead spend our money supporting globalist corporations who steal our land, sell products made by slaves, and are actively working to enslave and degrade us, then we are choosing the path of death.

Child in DragWhen we dress our little girls AND boys up in baubles and make up and allow them to dance for millions of strangers on internet apps, we are choosing the path of death for our family bloodlines. For this world is still in great danger of those who prey on the most vulnerable and they do this through social media and apps.

From the depraved religion of greed and vanity, humans have built temples to the great evil that have wrecked small towns and cities across the land and are destroying the earth through their scorched-earth resource extraction. In the physical world, these temples serve one master, unbridled Capitalistic Communism, and stand as the testament to the destruction of the Traditional way, our connection to our Ancestors and the Great Spirit.

Jean Paul Baptiste has been given the great responsibility of carrying Thunderbird Medicine – great Spiritual visions – to the people, and he shares this message he received in the Dream time world:

Jean Paul Baptiste Evil Temple Vision

“I remember in a dream last Christmas, we took this one evil lady, it is what it is? I gathered her other aspects because that what she wanted. So I asked this female…here, this is what you want?

You must go now.

And I said, “Your home” as we pulled up to her ancient temple and walked towards her building…it was visible. We walked through fear, sorrow, pain and suffering to get there, with her…at last she was home.

Some people can not handle the truth and so I do not share it nor everything…as they made a choice already.

I am just a witness… a messenger.

The picture is very accurate. We even arrived from that side…behold your ancient temple… Awaits.

PS, She is native as well…❤️” – Jean-Paul Baptiste

People of Walmart

There are few places that more accurately reflect the degradation of humanity that has been caused by globalist corporations and their big box stores sweeping into communities. Not only is the destruction of local economies and the push to CONSUME a historically proven recipe for economic depression and social chaos – but stores like Walmart lead the way toward helping humanity devolve into a class of unwashed, obese and mentally ill slaves. This trend is even celebrated through “People of Walmart” photo collections, groups and products. History will not remember this time well.

In less than two decades, it has become acceptable for people to go shopping in their underwear and wear pajamas on air planes.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this dark chasm but it will take a lot of work to change our shopping behaviors, the sacrifice of our need for instant gratification and vain purchasing, and for us to begin to take our healing on all levels of our soul very seriously.

Always begin with prayer. Prayer connects us with the Great Spirit and our guides and allows us to remember and honour our Ancestors.

The Ancestors encourage humanity to take one day each week to unplug from the internet and cable entirely. To put down the phone and laptop and spend that time connecting with Creator, the Ancestors, and loved ones.

Spend one day each week unplugged from the world and plugged into the teachings of the Ancestors and the love of the Great Spirit. And time alone and with our families. At home.

Native Family

Socializing with family alone once a week without electronic and outside distractions is very healthy and necessary for strong connections.

No shopping. No money exchange. No take-out. No online shopping. No commerce of any kind.

Blue LawsClosing stores on Sunday (as most communities did only a decade or two ago) allows owners and workers a day to take a break and remember who they are outside of work.

It also compresses people’s shopping times, returning to a more sane and compassionate pace.

It’s like at Christmas, people rush to get to the stores on Christmas Eve, so every Saturday would be like Christmas Eve driving sales with the magic of deadline pressure.

And it gives Mother Earth a break from all our buzzy human activity.

Imagine the impact we could have on the way the marketplace works if everyone walking the Spiritual path were to make no economic transactions on Sunday.

Imagine the impact we could have on our communities if we refused to spend our money in Walmart and the globalist stores and supported local small businesses instead.



It is time to reclaim the Temple – the focus of our love and devotion – away from the great evil of globalist commerce and back to the heart of our homes and communities.

In addition to the home and community temples we have been entrusted with during our time here on Earth, our bodies are our most sacred Temple. How we treat them and what we do with them, how we use them to channel resources and our support reflect the essence of our beings.

Let us move beyond being the woman in Jean Paul’s vision. Let us walk away from Walmart and its evil partners and return to the love and friendship of our local communities and families.

Let us remember and relearn how to make our own products and grow our own food, take care of our homes and families ourselves.

The Ancestors teach that it is good to return to the ways of our Elders who used Sundays as a day to go to Church or Pow Wows, have a feast with family, pray, plan new adventures, set our intentions for the week ahead and regain our balance.

For our choices will echo down through the generations. And the time has come for change on Mother Earth – our cosmic temple and the only home we have in the universe.

It is an honour to be your messengers.

Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people who teaches and shares Traditional Native wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto.

Jean Paul Baptiste is a Cree healer, teacher and storyteller who works in the dreamworld and has been given the gift of reading people’s hearts and energy. He lives in Edmonton Alberta.

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