QAnon & Great Awakening

We are greatly blessed to be living in a time of great transition as prophesied by our visionaries, medicine people, and spiritual masters of all traditions.

Humanity is transitioning from a state of enslavement and dependency on the elite parasites who have been creating the chaos and terror on this planet for many millennium.

This is not only a spiritual transition known as the Great Awakening generally and as the time of the 8th Fire in the Native community.

And, as we know when the collective has reached a tipping point into a more enlightened state of consciousness, this not only begins to affect others in their personal lives and communities, but via cyberspace thanks to social media.


As more people awaken, we see the impact of their awakening – the shock, despair, righteous outrage, courage, and joining others to remove these dark ones from power and to work together to make long and lasting change.

Around the world, there are millions of Digitial Warriors: independent researchers, journalists, veterans, marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, mothers and fathers, business men and women, home makers, retirees, grandparents, students, and every day people of all walks of life joining in the Q operation to bring truth to light.

The mainstream media (which is controlled by our oppressors) wants you to believe that Q is a “conspiracy,” and a “cult.”

But what kind of cult has no leader and demands that you do your own research? Think for yourself?

What kind of cult shares Biblical Scripture?

In truth, Q is a military intelligence operation that has been in development at least since JFK was assassinated, when it became clear that the dark ones were intent on taking over the world via America.

We have been involved in the military intelligence operations against the deep state since 2016, and have been working with the global community to discuss and share this information for more than three years.

We are seeing many things come to pass that QAnons were told about in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

BelieveWe are not telling you what to believe, but only ask that you do your own research and talk with the people you know who are following this global movement to take back our planet.

Follow the links below to Q Maps and Publications, videos and other truth-teller sites. As well as to Great Awakening news and information and the teachings of our Ancestors, the Prophecies of the People of all four sacred directions, and the teachings of Jesus and his original movement The Way.

The pages are currently under construction, but we will be adding links as they arise.

Also, please check out the rest of our site to learn about our work in the Toronto community on behalf of our people and around the world. A’ho.

Chi Miigwetch for being here with us.

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