Circles, Ceremonies, & Storytellers

Bandana Medicine WheelBird Clan Messenger offers a variety of cultural education and outreach programs and services to facilitate healing and reconciliation between Native Turtle Islanders and the non-native communities they are now living in.

The fees for our services and events provide financial support for members of our community who are respected cultural and spiritual leaders. Their work is of great importance, and in the tradition of our Ancestors is supported by the community and people they share their teachings with.

Bird Clan Messenger’s community of Elders and Oshkebewis includes Spiritual Teachers, Storytellers, Historians, Artists, Musicians, Drummers, Ceremony Leaders, and courageous warriors who are willing to share their personal stories of horrific tragedy and inter-generational trauma.

We are honoured to work with churches, businesses, government agencies, and communities to create our sharing circles, and look forward to hearing from you.

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Bird Clan Messenger’s Teaching and Sharing Circles

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