Native Elder in Residence Program

Bird Clan Messenger’s Native Elder in Residence Program

This program is being developed for Churches, Charities, and other Service Organizations who serve the homeless population in Toronto by providing residential housing to people who would otherwise be on the streets.

homeless101_0127The Native community in Toronto is disproportionately represented in the homeless population of this city, and Native people are some of the most vulnerable – yet knowledge rich – resources available to our society.

Bird Clan Messenger has developed a Native Elder in Residence program that we are offering to non-native organizations in an effort to begin solving the problem of higher than average Native homelessness while also offering the opportunity to demonstrate care and concern for First Nations people and our issues in a tangible way.

medicine-wheel-drumIn return for housing and financial compensation considered appropriate to all parties, the hosting organizations receive the benefit of having a Native Elder or Elder in Training on the premises who is available to the community to provide Land Acknowledgments, Smudging and other Ceremonies, lead Teaching Circles, and provide Guidance, Resources and Cultural support to Native guests.

Bird Clan Messenger works with each organization individually to adapt the program to their needs.

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