This Indigenous Education page is part of a growing global grassroots movement being led by Indigenous  Elders and Healers, Musicians, Artists, Farmers, Gatherers, Hunters, Food-makers, Teachers, Writers, and Communicators of all kinds to transmit the Old Ways & Knowledge to the young and coming generations, as has been done in all human societies throughout history.


We are here to share knowledge so it will spread around the world and flow down into and saturate the younger generations, restoring the circle, and returning our FoodWays, Medicine, and Culture to the people.

PlantMedicineWheelWe welcome articles and information, about Indigenous Traditional Spiritual Teachings, Traditional Food & Medicine,  Indigenous Language, Music, Art, & other Cultural fields, and Traditional Indigenous Businesses & Projects that are leading the people back to the Old Ways. We welcome teachings of all Indigenous people – from New World peoples to pre-industrial, Irish Country Folk, and all the people of the Earth.  Chi Miigwetch.


ancestorsgardensReturning to Indigenous Traditional FoodWays: A Beginning

In December, I started a new writing project about a Diabetes Prevention Program facilitated by Toronto’s Holistic Indigenous Health Center; and, since that time, my interest in learning about and following a more Traditional Indigenous diet has skyrocketed.  I am finding myself researching everything from ingredients to recipes to Indigenous restaurants, food sources and organizations working together to reconcile the People with our Traditional Food, Medicine, and Ways…Read more here . . .