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Melissa Teague on Wisdom

By Melissa Teague

🌻 Seek out Wisdom but do not limit or restrict yourself to only accepting that which fits into one belief.

🌻 Take the knowledge you gain and feel what resonates with you then leave the rest.

🌻 Explore the old to see the new.

🌻 Take the ancient teachings of long forgotten people & societies and make them your own. Continue reading “Melissa Teague on Wisdom”

Bear Medicine: Guard Your Heart

By Kandace Keithley – Cherokee Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo Family,

It is my honour to offer you this message from the Ancestors, especially directed to the young Starseeds who are telling our messengers that they are feeling down and disconnected.

One young soul described this feeling, “I felt like a Starseed feeling really homesick. Very lonely and had the thought ‘Made to understand but not to be understood.'”

This really shows how we feel when we are processing old hurts and feelings. And, how when we become aware of that processing on a deep level, we are then able to ask our Guides to help us out of the pain. Continue reading “Bear Medicine: Guard Your Heart”

Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Circle

By Joseph White Eagle

The great Ancestors believe that everything in this physical reality moves and is influenced by the circle.

The universe we live within is the big circle and everything that exists within it mirrors this, for even the cells that come together to make physical life are circular.

For in the center lives the Great Mystery and everything revolves in a circle around this divine being. Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Circle”

Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000

There has been much discussion about who and what the 144,000 are, and many people who are new to the Spiritual Community mistakenly believe that this initial calling is an appointment which confers immediate status.

But, this is not possible here on this planet where we all arrive as fallen angels and must return to our Selves only through spiritual practice, following our Elders’ wisdom, staying close to the child who lives in our heart, and walking softly with our people. Continue reading “Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000”

Bison Medicine: Loving the Unlovely

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo Relatives,

It is our honour to bring you this message from the  Ancestors today.

We are living in the time of great prophecy and change for the human family as foretold by our Grandfathers Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Black Elk, and many others. The Cherokee know this as the Time Out of Time – the time when the earth must become quiet in order to correct the path of humanity that had gone astray. This is the time described by the Apostle John in the Biblical Book of Revelation. We know it as the time of the 7th and 8th Fires, and the Great Awakening.

Painting of the Trail of Tears by Max D. Stanley

Continue reading “Bison Medicine: Loving the Unlovely”

Melissa Teague: A Mystical Woman

   By Melissa Teague, 11 11 2019

Continue reading “Melissa Teague: A Mystical Woman”

Joseph White Eagle: Flying Above the Storm

Joseph White Eagle

When the storm comes fear and anxiety will try to take hold of you, but go to the eye of the storm where it is calm and clear. For the storm can come, but when you place your prayers, hopes and faith in the Great Spirit than you will be calm and see clear. Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: Flying Above the Storm”

The Path to Wisdom

When we pray to receive wisdom and knowledge, we must be prepared to have our lives turned upside down. For it is only through experiencing the great challenges and pain of walking on the Earth that we can truly understand the ways of the Great Spirit. It is through suffering that our hearts open, and that is where the light gets in….bringing with it understanding and compassion, the sacred foundation of the Creator’s wisdom. 🙏 🦅 🌟

Relaunch: From Wise Woman Rising to Bird Clan Messenger

I haven’t written in awhile and for very good reason. Over the past year, my Medicine Walk really ramped up – literally removing me from the life that I was living in 2018 and taking me through a series of life-changing challenges and lessons.

I have been blessed during this time to be walking with some of our society’s most vulnerable people – abused women, addicts, prostitutes, and the thousands of homeless people in downtown Toronto.

The original name of this blog was Wise Woman Rising, and expressed who I was and where I was on my Spiritual Journey at that time. But, the many difficult experiences, the processing of my own shadow material and soul wounds and the continuation of my daily Spiritual Discipline led me to a greater understanding of my identity and purpose here on planet Earth at this time.

The new name, Bird Clan Messenger is a reflection of all of it, and I hope you will like our new look and the new material I’ll be publishing.

Thank you so much for following.


Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power

Since I’ve started learning the languages of our gracious hosts here in downtown Tkaronto (Iroquois), through joining the mighty, expanding Medicine Walk being led by the Traditional Indigenous Healers and Medicine People at Anishnawbe Health Toronto, the Ancestors have begun to show me the replicating superpower of Chi Miigwetch. Continue reading “Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power”