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The Truth About Your Mid-Life Crisis: Eagle Medicine or a Fall From Grace

By Kandace Keithley

For most of us, the middle of our lives brings a time of intense pressure as we move into the autumn of our path around the Sacred Hoop. We feel keenly the emptiness of our nests as children grow up and find their own ways. We have to make the decision to navigate the new relationship with our partner as the kids aren’t there anymore to divert us from one another. Sometimes we find what remains – what our partner has become; and sometimes we realize that it’s time for us to walk apart and love one another from afar. Continue reading “The Truth About Your Mid-Life Crisis: Eagle Medicine or a Fall From Grace”

Melissa Teague: An Awakened Mystical Woman

By Melissa Teague

An Awakened Mystical woman will be broken open through love. She will experience the worst of the worst, all that is NOT love.

The Abuse, neglect, betrayal, and the deceit that befalls her will be what opens her eyes to the blinding light of the TRUTH. Continue reading “Melissa Teague: An Awakened Mystical Woman”

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear: The Antidote is in The Poison

Within the confines of the poison, you will find your antidote that you seek, to heal…..

The momentum of flowing Wisdom is born through the negative impacts of leisure, the setting of all calamities.

Continue reading “Cloud Spencer Eaglebear: The Antidote is in The Poison”

Bear Medicine: Guard Your Heart

By Kandace Keithley – Cherokee Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo Family,

It is my honour to offer you this message from the Ancestors, especially directed to the young Starseeds who are telling our messengers that they are feeling down and disconnected.

One young soul described this feeling, “I felt like a Starseed feeling really homesick. Very lonely and had the thought ‘Made to understand but not to be understood.'”

This really shows how we feel when we are processing old hurts and feelings. And, how when we become aware of that processing on a deep level, we are then able to ask our Guides to help us out of the pain. Continue reading “Bear Medicine: Guard Your Heart”

Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000

There has been much discussion about who and what the 144,000 are, and many people who are new to the Spiritual Community mistakenly believe that this initial calling is an appointment which confers immediate status.

But, this is not possible here on this planet where we all arrive as fallen angels and must return to our Selves only through spiritual practice, following our Elders’ wisdom, staying close to the child who lives in our heart, and walking softly with our people. Continue reading “Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000”

The Great Awakening: 144,000 Messengers of the Great Spirit

We are so deeply grateful and blessed to be here in Toronto, the Land of the Dish with One Spoon, to share these beautiful tidings of joy – to share the teachings of our Ancestors and to walk with this amazing community to bring healing and reconciliation to this sacred place.

During this time of powerful transformation, known as the Time Out of Time to my Cherokee Ancestors, we are seeing the emergence of many Spiritual Leaders. Continue reading “The Great Awakening: 144,000 Messengers of the Great Spirit”

Joseph White Eagle: Spiritual Destiny

By Joseph White Eagle

We have been given this physical journey only to fulfill our spiritual destiny, many think this is a journey to amass physical wealth and to be successful in the eyes of others. Our existence is much more important than just to have the adulation and acceptance of others and to try to obtain the very best of everything only this physical world can give. Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: Spiritual Destiny”

Bison Medicine: Loving the Unlovely

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo Relatives,

It is our honour to bring you this message from the  Ancestors today.

We are living in the time of great prophecy and change for the human family as foretold by our Grandfathers Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Black Elk, and many others. The Cherokee know this as the Time Out of Time – the time when the earth must become quiet in order to correct the path of humanity that had gone astray. This is the time described by the Apostle John in the Biblical Book of Revelation. We know it as the time of the 7th and 8th Fires, and the Great Awakening.

Painting of the Trail of Tears by Max D. Stanley

Continue reading “Bison Medicine: Loving the Unlovely”

Joseph White Eagle: Hollow Bones

By Grandfather Joseph White Eagle

When you acknowledge the power that is greater than you in your daily life, than you become open and hollow bones for this divine power.

For surely acknowledgement will bring divine intervention and the welcoming of energy that does not exist on this physical plane.

Prayers, offerings of gratefulness and thanks, sharing of love, and going into ceremony is the act of this acknowledgement.  Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: Hollow Bones”

sQuirrel Medicine: Resurrecting the Spirit Child

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo relatives,

It is our honour to bring you this teaching from our Thunderbird relatives about some very powerful medicine that will help you on your path.

Squirrel’s Medicine is the stuff of Joy of reconnecting us with the Spirit Child that lives inside us all. Jesus taught that unless we become like little Children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What that literally means is taking our healing journey seriously in an effort to return to that lost and little child, re-parent him or her, and set them free to live through our grown-up bodies. Continue reading “sQuirrel Medicine: Resurrecting the Spirit Child”