“Sing Your Song” – Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear Visions of the other world….Magnificent landscapes of high cliffs and sacred waters filled with my relatives the stars. Morning rising of our GRANDFATHER SUN, who carries the sacred sage smoke of all those who wake up for their morning ceremonies, just for the sake of breathing in the air that Cascade… Read More “Sing Your Song” – Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Circle

“For these circular ingredients of life were released from the center to the four directions to plant the seeds of life, circles coming together to make bigger circles, the Stars, planets and moon.

For there is birth, life and death and than the circle repeats itself, for there must be demise so there can be renewal and rebirth.” – Joseph White Eagle … Read More Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Circle

Melissa Teague: A Mystical Woman

“She knows you are truly a Master of Teachers, a King of kings, you have just forgotten this truth. If you choose to love a Mystical Woman she holds the keys to the door of a new destiny for you. A destiny that is beyond your current understanding but it will peel back the veil of this world and show you the truth, it will give you a mirror to see your true self and a lantern to light your way.” ~ Melissa Teague… Read More Melissa Teague: A Mystical Woman

View From 40K Feet ∞ A Big Slice O’ Momma’s Best π

Thanks to the Science and Math Heroes in our lives, most of us know March 14 is the day we celebrate the number 3.14 – known as Pi (Thanks, y’all).  But many of us (who aren’t actual ROCKET SCIENTISTS like Jesse, my homey from The Ville), don’t know a whole lot about the multi-facted miracle of Pi.… Read More View From 40K Feet ∞ A Big Slice O’ Momma’s Best π

We’re Rebuilding Communication Networks: From the Ground Up – Literally

It seems to me that this awakening process involves each of us posting ideas and values we agree with – from all political positions. Some people are working as designated messengers, so we share a lot more information from various sources with our followers.   And those followers share that info with their own followers,… Read More We’re Rebuilding Communication Networks: From the Ground Up – Literally