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Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Circle

By Joseph White Eagle

The great Ancestors believe that everything in this physical reality moves and is influenced by the circle.

The universe we live within is the big circle and everything that exists within it mirrors this, for even the cells that come together to make physical life are circular.

For in the center lives the Great Mystery and everything revolves in a circle around this divine being. Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Circle”

Melissa Teague: A Mystical Woman

   By Melissa Teague, 11 11 2019

Continue reading “Melissa Teague: A Mystical Woman”

The Sacred Council Fire Of Unity

By Dennis Nagel

May we all gather together as one with our gifts, respect, honor with pride. To stand in unity even when our roads and understandings vary. We are a people aware of our differences, but Creator has placed a unconditional love in our hearts for all our relatives.

It is our Spiritual Path to stop the division socially, politically and Spiritually.

To become aware of the great love of Creator for all its creation and come back to balance in our mind, body and spirit. 

~ Dennis Nagel 05 20 2017


A council fire shall be kindled for all the nations. It shall be lit for Cherokee and the Wyandot. We will also kindle it for the seven nations living towards the sunrise, and for the nations that live toward the sunset. All shall receive the Great Law and labor together for the welfare of man.

~ Deganawidah {1500-1600s} Huron

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the 16th Generation keeper of the Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, and the spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux and many millions of relatives around the world. All honour and respect to Chief Looking Horse.

Obstacles on our Path

The great poet Rumi teaches us it is much more powerful to seek to remove the blockages keeping us from experiencing love than it is to search outside ourselves. This teaching applies to our own personal growth and development and to organizations, communities, and families alike.

When we encounter obstructions or blockages along our paths, these are due to two general situations. Continue reading “Obstacles on our Path”

View From 40K Feet ∞ A Big Slice O’ Momma’s Best π

This morning, as I was sitting with my guides and planning my day, they said: “Hey Girl – did you know today is Pi Day? Do you have ANY IDEA what that means???”

Since the day of my arrival on this planet, my motto has been, “But, what does it mean?” So, naturally I launched into high-gear research junkie mode.

Thanks to the Science and Math Heroes in our lives, most of us know March 14 is the day we celebrate the number 3.14 – known as Pi (Thanks, y’all).  But many of us (who aren’t actual ROCKET SCIENTISTS like Jesse, my homey from The Ville), don’t know a whole lot about the multi-facted miracle of Pi.

The folks at Pi Day dot Org have gathered up the Science & Math basics -> Here’s a starting point for your education about π and Pi Day.

But, Pi goes well beyond the realm of Science and Math into virtually every aspect of our lives here on Planet Earth – from perfect symmetry in the Created World, to powerful Metaphysical Truths and Universal Laws.

Although it’s still a bit hard to see through the remaining density of Gaia’s 3D state (which is still recovering from the imbalance caused by too much patriarchal power over the past few thousand years), there is increasingly abundant evidence showing 3.14 to be a number of the Divine Feminine. The Archetypal Mother. The Great Goddess.

MothersOfTheWorldWe passed through the Crux of the 7th Fire and 7th Trumpet Prophecies on 3.11 (calendar opposite of 9.11); and, the evidence of the Great Mother’s return is now impossible to ignore.

Today’s events (3.14.18) are really quite something. There is profound and divine synchronicity in the relationship between Pi and the anniversary dates of some of humanity’s greatest minds: Galileo, Einstein, Hawking (Rest well, our friend), the numerology, sacred geometry, and mathematical significance of the number 3.14.

And – Holy OM (!) – the relationship between the Divine Feminine and the CIRCLE is ubiquitous in humanity’s collective understanding of the Sacred.  There is a TON of information about Pi and I could just go on and on forever, but instead of a big blathery post filled with MY words, I’ve just decided to give you. . .

Pi Day Presents!PieDay

I am sharing some links (in no particular order) to sites/stories that I feel are good teachers and supporters to us as we return the essence of the Great Mother to our planet. This re-balancing is necessary to restore our planet, our communities, and our Selves to balance.


PICropCircleJweel Blog: “Symbols & Their Meaning: The Number Pi” ∞ This is a great article from a blog produced by a New Earth design group. Jweel explores the meaning of Pi in its many different facets – from mathematics and science to the Scriptures, teachings, and beliefs of all Spiritual traditions.


Blog Seattle: “The Pie Goddess in Enumclaw” ∞ While exploring the relationship between Pie and PIE (yum), I discovered a review about this little place called The Pie Goddess in Enumclaw, WA.

Enumclaw is roughly translated to “place of thunder” in the language of the Salish people who lived there before European settlers arrived. At this very moment in history, the Salish people are joined in British Columbia with Water Protectors from around the world in solidarity against the Justin Trudeau government’s Kinder-Morgan pipeline. 

GrandmasPieCrustIf you can’t get to Enumclaw, WA to visit the Pie Goddess, Here is a video from the “Hands That Cook” YouTube Channel to teach you how to make pie crust the way Grandma used to make it.

Beyond Grandma’s heavenly pie-crust, there is a long relationship between the Divine Feminine and round pastry. From Greek and Roman Myth, we learn about Goddesses of Grain, Demeter and Ceres.

The remains of an ancient Roman bread pie from Pompeii, carbonized in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE, featured in Stuart Dean’s article, “Why Is Pizza Round? The Black Goddess of Rome,” in

Stuart Dean explores the deep symbolic expressions of the Great Goddess that we make when doing something as commonplace as making a pizza:

It is particularly significant that the pizza is made with or from all four elements.  Water, for example, is in the bread and (from milk) in the cheese.  Fire bakes the bread and smokes the cheese.  Earth produces the grain from which the bread is made and the herbs that are mixed into the spread.  Air functions in a variety of ways, most directly in activating the fire.  Thus, consistent with the world view Moretum can be associated with, the pizza does not merely represent, but actually is constituted by the elements that encircle and hence embody the Goddess.


3 + 14 + 18 = 8

Today’s date is a Number 8 in numerology. According to Master Numerologist, Hanz Decoz, “Eight is the great Karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown….The 8 balances the material and immaterial worlds. At its best, it is as spiritual as it is materialistic.” Read more about this year’s Pi numerology here.

Astrologer and numerologist Suzanne Wagner offers comfort to people who may be feeling blocked and uncomfortable today:

” Know that you may feel blocked from expressing your needs for companionship or the comforts of relationships this afternoon, perhaps due to your responsibilities or concerns. You might find that expressing your feelings and what you need from others is harder to do at the moment. Know that there is a shift as Mercury, Venus, and Chiron align tomorrow.” Suzanne’s complete blog post is here.

And finally, we hear from Rabbi Max Weiman’s exploration of Pi from the perspective of Kabbalah:

“In math the concept of infinity has evolved and advanced over the years. Our understanding of galaxies and light years has broadened our minds. Yet some fundamental truths like peace, love and harmony still struggle like a clinically depressed turtle to move forward for humanity.”

I’m getting this out much later than intended because wow (!) has Lady Karma been busy at my house today. I hope you all had a wonderful Pi Day, 2018. And looking forward to seeing where we are next year at this time.

Thank you for reading,

swc kandace – 3.14.18

Toronto, ON Canada Turtle Island Gaia

Wise Woman Rising is offered as a resource to help people who are awakening, and to provide information, education, and connectivity to help build the New Earth. 









Ani Tsiskwa (Bird Clan) Teachings: Owl Medicine

My Ani Tsiskwa (Bird Clan in  the Cherokee language) teachers have been teaching me about the true (indigenous) meanings (messages and medicine) of individual birds.

I have finally realized that my Ani Tsiskwa teachers are using my curious mind, and my skill/gift as a researcher to guide me toward subjects to help me learn my way on the Red Path. They will whisper a subject to me like a type of plant or a bird’s name, or they will repeatedly show me pictures of the same topic to show me a pathway for study.

Last week, they introduced me to Mockingbird – so I learned about mockingbirds and some of their stories and medicine. For a very long time, (more than a year), they taught me about pigeon, crow, sparrow, hawk, and eagle, turkey, turkey, grackle, and cardinal.

This week, my Ani Tsiskwa teachers are guiding me to learn about Owl. They began by bringing images – photos, art, etc. – of owls to my attention every day – sometimes a few times a day. It seems my teachers are gaming the system because I’m getting some mind-blowing results in my cyberspace-searches.

Image courtesy of “Cherokee Beliefs About Owls,” by Dan Ketchum, April 25, 2017.

Yesterday, I did a basic search on Native American Owl meaning – and literally the third result on the page was a link to an article about CHEROKEE beliefs about Owls (!!) in a non-indigenous SCIENCE publication.

Here is another article that explores Owl’s Spiritual messages and medicine: 

The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as totem or power animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. When the spirit of this animal guides you, you can see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. The owl also offers for those who have it a personal totem the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.

Owls are also called the Night Eagle – with the same powerful connection to Grandmother Moon that the Eagle has to Grandfather Sun.

I have begun to use my public Facebook page to share some of my discoveries about birds and bird medicine, and I am finding myself beginning to think about bringing all of my findings together in one place — like a book or website. For now, I’ll just create a new category here at Wise Woman Rising:  Ani Tsiskwa: Bird Clan Teachings.

I hope you will visit again to see what the Ani Tsiskwa would like to tell us next.

And I hope you have a wonderful day.

Chi Miigwetch,

kandace, Toronto, 2018-01-24

We’re Rebuilding Communication Networks: From the Ground Up – Literally

It seems to me that this awakening process involves each of us posting ideas and values we agree with – from all political positions. Some people are working as designated messengers, so we share a lot more information from various sources with our followers.
And those followers share that info with their own followers, and on and on like an old-fashioned telephone party line.
We are literally creating networks of like-minded communicators, and it is this work of sharing the information and teaching about it is the essence of the New Earth – Grassroots planet.
This is why the Controllers are working so hard to censor the strong communicators, and are making the platforms more difficult for political users.
And, this network building also really needs for you to SHARE the posts that contain the Truths you want to see. We are Seizing Reality Back, and we need all hands on deck!
Here’s a great resource find, Multidimensional Consciousness – a communications tool of the Institute of Spiritual Science: 

The Institute of Spiritual Science, Inc. is entirely dedicated to the dissemination and conservation of the doctrines of the ‘Divine Plan,’ as are provided to us through the communications and inspirations from well-recognized Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divinities and Angelics, and most importantly from the author’s HIGHERSELF. The Institute of Spiritual Science does not have any political, financial, religious, personal association or agenda whatsoever. It is a totally non-denominational, and non-religious organization. Its only affiliation, and indeed, devotion is to the Almighty God and His/Her Believers, disciples, and followers.The primary objective of the site/Institute is, first of all, to serve as a catalyst for awakening of the masses of humanity who are still in slumber, unaware of the inception of Earth’s 12/21/2012 Crystalline-Electric Grid and the Divine Plan for mankind’s ascension to higher dimensions. It is hoped that through composition and publication of spiritual books, articles and slides posted on this and companion sites, Facebook, and other sources such as radio and video/TV shows, together with arrangement of instructional sessions, group meetings/symposia, spiritual gatherings including discussions, meditation and prayers, these efforts will lead to the awakening and subsequent enhancement of the mankind’s overall consciousness level, thus promoting a unified collective understanding of the ‘Truth’ of God. This will, in turn, culminate in a surge in humanity’s natural vibration frequency level, thus facilitating mankind to reach the pre-requisite vibrational frequency/Light quotient level for ascending to the 5th and higher dimensions.
The site and the corresponding institution are presently fully financially supported by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi [the author].
Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi
Institute of Spiritual Science, Inc.
P.O. Box 13005
Gainesville, FL 32604
Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi
Institute of Spiritual Science, Inc.
P.O. Box 13005
Gainesville, FL 32604

2017 From 40K Feet: A Wrap Up, with Gratitude and Inspiration

Well, my beloved friends – we really covered some ground in 2017, didn’t we?

I am so honored and proud to be on Team-Light with each and every one of you. My great hope for 2018 is that we can awaken all of our Sleeping Loved Ones to the TRUTH of the New Narrative of Truth, Peace, and Power to the People.

We are moving from the Raging-War chapter to the Small-Skirmish chapter –>> and soon, will move into identifying and punishing the criminals.

Only AFTER we Capture, Identify, and Punish the Criminals who have caused such immense suffering and chaos over the past generations, are we able to turn our attention to:

Cleaning up our Country and beginning to create our New Society, which will…

Bring together the Warriors of Strength and Moral Conviction from the Conservative side…

. . . with the Nurturers and Creators, and Leaders in the Work for Human Goodness and Social Justice from the Progressive side.

Together, Progressives and Conservatives have won this war – against the most insidious, widespread, and longest-term period of evil in the history of humanity.

These puppets of Evil Elite globalists, directing our world toward a “New World Order” Dystopian Nightmare – based on an agenda of:

  • Depopulation via poisoning our food and water,
  • Perpetual war, Nuclear war,
  • Injecting us with Chemicals to cause Horrific, Debilitating Conditions,
  • Creating diseases like HIV, actively Promoting Abortion,
  • Indoctrinating children via institutional education & government “care” at earlier and earlier ages,
  • Destroying the Sanctity of the Private Family Home through stealing Houses and Private Property, penalizing single-earner families through the tax system, forcing families to purchase everything from basic foodstuffs to clothing and household goods from global corporations (products made by debt/income slaves in other countries),
  • . . . and, many many, other insidious, nefarious activities and “programs” – both large and nearly invisible.

We are deeply grateful for the help of all the earth creatures who gave their lives to help awaken us to the terrible state of our Mother Earth.

We are deeply grateful to all Souls who have agreed to come to Earth and express the immense depth and breadth of human suffering – victims of all sorts of Evil: war, crime, racism, bigotry, hate, jealousy, greed . . .

We thank you and honor you.

We are deeply grateful for the help of the Sky and Star beings, the Angels, Archangels, the Pleiadians, Arcturians and all the other benevolent Keepers of the Light for Creator.

Family of Light – Let us move forward in 2018, continuing our work of Awakening the Sleepers, and leading the way toward the New Earth.

Happy New Year, Beloveds. Thank you for everything.

— kandace

December 31, 2017

Toronto, Canada


Reclaiming the Narrative


We are living during an incredible historical moment: the point of transition at which human beings around the planet are beginning to awaken to the lies and destruction of an evil Elite that exploits people and kills people, wrecks our communities, and ravages the environment.

We’re awakening and demanding an end to economies based on manufactured wars; an end to political systems that use race, gender, culture, and spiritual belief to divide us; and, an end to governments that exist only to serve the global elite, rather than the people who elect them.

Many of us who research and write about women’s experience throughout history and in modern society believe that the global community is now moving into a new era founded on the ancient and life-giving aspects of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, perfectly balanced and walking in power together on behalf of future generations.

Rather than a new system being imposed on us externally, this transition begins inside each of us individually.

People who walk a Spiritual path understand this transition as the coming of the New Earth which has been anticipated by prophets for centuries.

In the political realm, we are seeing the rise of populist ideology – both conservative and progressive – and increasing programs offering a basic income, healthcare, and services. Renewable energy infrastructure is quickly replacing petroleum dependent systems, and America’s military has once again begun fighting true enemies of the people, rather than being mere pawns for greedy, exploitative power-mongers.

People are leaving cities to return to small towns. New communities are developing that eschew cash, and operate through barter, exchange, and sharing of labor, skills, and tools.

As each of us awakens and begins the process of change, our communities experience a comprehensive transformation of belief, thought, word, and activity that expands and stretches to reach around the world.

As with any healing and growth journey, this transformation requires us to review and, when necessary, re-frame our history, explore and interpret our current experience, and to cultivate deep hope for our future.

Wise Woman Rising offers content intended to reclaim the narrative of the People’s history, experience, and spirituality from Neo-liberal radical feminist agendas.

We’re interested in telling the stories of “Every Woman,” and not just the “winners” of history; in resuscitating traditional women’s knowledge about healing, food production, nurturing families and feeding community.

And, we’re dedicated to sharing information and links to sites that will help our readers understand and manage the multiple topics and issues related to building the New Earth.

Thank you so much for visiting.

We’re glad you’re here and hope you come back often.

Shifting Dimensions: From 3D to 4D

For decades, the Spirit-led have been teaching that humanity and planet Earth are ascending into higher dimensions – ushering in a new era based in love, compassion, sharing, and peace.

Millions are awakening to the Truth that we earthlings are undergoing the Ascension described in prophetic writings like those in the Biblical book of Revelation and in the prophecies of Indigenous Shamans, Medicine People, Healers, and Teachers.

But, instead of people being lifted off the ground and bodily taken into heaven, we’re experiencing a mass awakening of people around the world. A rising of consciousness that has the power to change our natures, our beliefs and practices into a new way of being.

As individual and collective consciousness is elevated, we begin experiencing life in a different way. As our vibrations rise, they are more easily matched to those that exist in higher, more loving and peaceful dimensions.

As we connect with the love and peace in these higher dimensions – which most of us have mis-understood to be “heaven” – we open ourselves to spiritual surrender, healing, expanded comprehension of mysteries, and much more compassion for ourselves, other people, our animal and bird relatives, and our Mother Earth.

Spiritual leaders and healers have taught about this elevation in consciousness in the language of their own times and places. Jesus of Nazareth taught that there were “many rooms” in his father’s house (the universe).

The website, “From the Stars” has a great explanation of Fourth Dimensional experience. Check it out here.

Wise Woman Rising will continue to publish articles and updates about the Ascension of humanity’s consciousness and the Ascension of our beautiful planet, herself.

Thanks for visiting. Come back often.

— kandace