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Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: Dance the Sacred Circle with Love

By Joseph White Eagle

My heart feels the love from Mother Earth, my spirit lives in peace with all.

The great Circle of Life will always live endlessly within us, for our spirits will always be one. Continue reading “Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: Dance the Sacred Circle with Love”

Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000

There has been much discussion about who and what the 144,000 are, and many people who are new to the Spiritual Community mistakenly believe that this initial calling is an appointment which confers immediate status.

But, this is not possible here on this planet where we all arrive as fallen angels and must return to our Selves only through spiritual practice, following our Elders’ wisdom, staying close to the child who lives in our heart, and walking softly with our people. Continue reading “Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000”

Glad Tidings . . .


💥🦉Behold! We have powerful #HawkAndCrow #Medicine for you!

Yellow and Red Quadrants on the Medicine Wheel – Mind and Body, Intellect and our Blood-Line Ancestors working to bring MASSIVE change to all people. Saddle Up, fam💃💃💃

Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power

Since I’ve started learning the languages of our gracious hosts here in downtown Tkaronto (Iroquois), through joining the mighty, expanding Medicine Walk being led by the Traditional Indigenous Healers and Medicine People at Anishnawbe Health Toronto, the Ancestors have begun to show me the replicating superpower of Chi Miigwetch. Continue reading “Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power”

Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds

My Medicine Man and teacher, James Carpenter, is a gifted healer and one of four Traditional Healers at Anishnawbe Health, Toronto’s visionary health care center dedicated to serving our city’s 70K + Indigenous relatives. People even come from Reserves hours away to see James and the AH Traditional Healing team. That’s how good they are.

Since James and I began walking together in 2016, and with the love and teachings and friendship of the entire AH community, I have learned more about Universal Truth, About God, About the importance of knowing our deep personal identities, bloodline ancestries, histories and family, About community, stewardship of the environment, And, about the ancient primordial universal symbolism expressed through all aspects of nature – plants, trees, rocks, stars, swimmers, animals, and birds – than in all my previous years on this planet.  The most powerful and intense period of healing, reconciliation, and learning I have ever experienced.

My gratitude is endless, and so it is with all honor and respect to my teacher and beloved younger brother, James that I share his teaching about “unimportant birds.” Continue reading “Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds”

Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar

I have been working some medicine for a 3rd Chakra skin imbalance, and in my search for the right medicine, learned a lot about some of Mother Earth’s finest plant gifts to us – lavender, peppermint, coconut oil, cider vinegar, aloe vera – and one of the Medicine Wheel Four: Our Lady Cedar.


My teacher, Pete Keshane (a Traditional Healer from Saskatchewan who heals and teaches with Anishnawbe Health, Toronto’s Indigenous Healing Center), has given me several lessons about Cedar and some of his other medicines. Continue reading “Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar”