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The Great Awakening: 144,000 Messengers of the Great Spirit

We are so deeply grateful and blessed to be here in Toronto, the Land of the Dish with One Spoon, to share these beautiful tidings of joy – to share the teachings of our Ancestors and to walk with this amazing community to bring healing and reconciliation to this sacred place.

During this time of powerful transformation, known as the Time Out of Time to my Cherokee Ancestors, we are seeing the emergence of many Spiritual Leaders. Continue reading “The Great Awakening: 144,000 Messengers of the Great Spirit”

The Sacred Council Fire Of Unity

By Dennis Nagel

May we all gather together as one with our gifts, respect, honor with pride. To stand in unity even when our roads and understandings vary. We are a people aware of our differences, but Creator has placed a unconditional love in our hearts for all our relatives.

It is our Spiritual Path to stop the division socially, politically and Spiritually.

To become aware of the great love of Creator for all its creation and come back to balance in our mind, body and spirit. 

~ Dennis Nagel 05 20 2017


A council fire shall be kindled for all the nations. It shall be lit for Cherokee and the Wyandot. We will also kindle it for the seven nations living towards the sunrise, and for the nations that live toward the sunset. All shall receive the Great Law and labor together for the welfare of man.

~ Deganawidah {1500-1600s} Huron

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the 16th Generation keeper of the Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, and the spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux and many millions of relatives around the world. All honour and respect to Chief Looking Horse.

Cherokee History: Trail of Tears

It’s a little known TRUTH that all of the #Indigenous people and our lands east of the Mississippi in the US were SOLD OUT by a group of our own people, which led to the forced eviction known as the Trail of Tears in which more than 30% of our family members died. Thousands of deaths.

These traitors, known as the “Treaty Party,” exchanged all the lands east of the Mississippi with US agents for money and settler tools. Their greed and hunger for power proved to be deadly to our people; and these criminals were put to death upon our peoples’ arrival to Indian Territory. Continue reading “Cherokee History: Trail of Tears”