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Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: The Sacred Pipe Ceremony

By Joseph White Eagle

Eagle Man begins a pipe ceremony by beseeching the West power, while thinking about the life giving rains and the ever present spirit world.

Next, he beseeches the north power, the source of endurance, strength, truthfulness, and honesty, which are qualities needed to walk down a good path in life.

Then, he will look to the east power. The east is where the sun rises, and the sun brings us knowledge, the essence of spirituality such as meditation practices. Without knowledge, we become ignorant and cause harm to ourselves and others.

The fourth energy is the south power, which brings us bounty, medicine, and growth. Next to be acknowledged is the earth spirit. Eagle Man touches the pipe to the ground, and says, “Mother Earth, I seek to protect you.”

Bear Butte Mountain Sacred Pipe Ceremony Frank
Bear Butte Mountain Sacred Pipe Ceremony by Frank Mayes

Since Mother Earth depends on the sun’s life giving energy, the pipe is then held up towards the sky.

Lastly, the pipe is held straight up to the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, the unexplainable source of all life. These words are then spoken:

“Oh Great Spirit, I thank you for the six powers of the universe.”

Unlike many westerners, Eagle Man explains that the person reaching out to the spirit world has no fear: “Most of us are not afraid of the Great Spirit. We don’t fear something that has given us our life.”

Joseph White Eagle is a Cree spiritual leader and teacher of traditional Native wisdom medicine who grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Colombia with his wife and family. We are deeply grateful for his contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho.


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Bear Medicine: Guard Your Heart

By Kandace Keithley – Cherokee Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo Family,

It is my honour to offer you this message from the Ancestors, especially directed to the young Starseeds who are telling our messengers that they are feeling down and disconnected.

One young soul described this feeling, “I felt like a Starseed feeling really homesick. Very lonely and had the thought ‘Made to understand but not to be understood.'”

This really shows how we feel when we are processing old hurts and feelings. And, how when we become aware of that processing on a deep level, we are then able to ask our Guides to help us out of the pain. Continue reading “Bear Medicine: Guard Your Heart”

Future Proves Past: New Years Greetings for the Family of Light – 144,000

By Kandace Keithley – Cherokee Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo family!

It is a great honour to be here with you and working with such a great team of messengers, healers, teachers, musicians, artists, community leaders – and everyone in our FANTASTIC GROUND CREW!

Folks think the spiritual gift of prophecy is all “airy fairy” (and this is true to some degree, lmao), but throughout human history the great prophets of all people have endured very harsh suffering of their people, their families, and to themselves. You wouldn’t BELIEVE what some of those Old Testament guys had to go through! Folks with this gift of vision use their challenges to rise spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in order to spin those experiences into medicine in service to humanity. Continue reading “Future Proves Past: New Years Greetings for the Family of Light – 144,000”

Spirit Bird: Kelly Fraser’s Message for Our Youth

By Kandace Keithley – Cherokee Bird Clan Messenger

We are so deeply saddened at the Christmas time walk into the Spirit World that of one of our young bright stars chose to take.

Kelly Fraser, a gifted young Inuit musician was a rising star in the Indigenous music community. Her star was truly rising, but rather than celebration and support, Kelly received a great deal of hatred based in jealousy not only from the internet troll world – but from those she loved, the ones who should have been her support system.

Kelly Fraser, Spirit Bird. Rest in Power, baby girl.

Continue reading “Spirit Bird: Kelly Fraser’s Message for Our Youth”

Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000

There has been much discussion about who and what the 144,000 are, and many people who are new to the Spiritual Community mistakenly believe that this initial calling is an appointment which confers immediate status.

But, this is not possible here on this planet where we all arrive as fallen angels and must return to our Selves only through spiritual practice, following our Elders’ wisdom, staying close to the child who lives in our heart, and walking softly with our people. Continue reading “Wisdom and Folly: Hawk & Crow Medicine for the 144,000”

The Great Awakening: 144,000 Messengers of the Great Spirit

We are so deeply grateful and blessed to be here in Toronto, the Land of the Dish with One Spoon, to share these beautiful tidings of joy – to share the teachings of our Ancestors and to walk with this amazing community to bring healing and reconciliation to this sacred place.

During this time of powerful transformation, known as the Time Out of Time to my Cherokee Ancestors, we are seeing the emergence of many Spiritual Leaders. Continue reading “The Great Awakening: 144,000 Messengers of the Great Spirit”

Bison Medicine: Loving the Unlovely

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo Relatives,

It is our honour to bring you this message from the  Ancestors today.

We are living in the time of great prophecy and change for the human family as foretold by our Grandfathers Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Black Elk, and many others. The Cherokee know this as the Time Out of Time – the time when the earth must become quiet in order to correct the path of humanity that had gone astray. This is the time described by the Apostle John in the Biblical Book of Revelation. We know it as the time of the 7th and 8th Fires, and the Great Awakening.

Painting of the Trail of Tears by Max D. Stanley

Continue reading “Bison Medicine: Loving the Unlovely”

Joseph White Eagle: Hollow Bones

By Grandfather Joseph White Eagle

When you acknowledge the power that is greater than you in your daily life, than you become open and hollow bones for this divine power.

For surely acknowledgement will bring divine intervention and the welcoming of energy that does not exist on this physical plane.

Prayers, offerings of gratefulness and thanks, sharing of love, and going into ceremony is the act of this acknowledgement.  Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: Hollow Bones”

Thunderbird Medicine: The Great Awakening and Evidence of God

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo relatives,

For the past few weeks, my guides have been reminding me of an old project I was considering years ago called Evidence of God.

That phrase just stuck with me and through this time since I have been hearing that term, Evidence of God, the Ancestors have been giving me some powerful medicine teachings that they are calling Squirrel Medicine. This medicine comes from the Thunderbirds and  during this prophetic time we know as the 8th Fire and The Great Awakening helps us as we undertake the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. Continue reading “Thunderbird Medicine: The Great Awakening and Evidence of God”

Joseph White Eagle: Flying Above the Storm

Joseph White Eagle

When the storm comes fear and anxiety will try to take hold of you, but go to the eye of the storm where it is calm and clear. For the storm can come, but when you place your prayers, hopes and faith in the Great Spirit than you will be calm and see clear. Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: Flying Above the Storm”