The Medicine of Spirit Horse: Wisdom, Folly and Balance for the 144,000 [Updated]

Change always begins with a change of our OWN narrative, and as we who have been through huge and transformational change understand - it's a slog. And we definitely need strong helpers like Horse to get us through. People on the spiritual path understand the great truth about Horse - balance is always necessary to move through turmoil in a sane and healthy way. This week, Horse is showing us how the strong perceptions of Hawk, combined with the great truths of Eagle (especially now while we're in the time of Crow and Coyote) and the organization of Squirrel (who is sitting in the west with the Grandmothers) will give us the balance we need for times such as these.

Eagle Medicine – Sacred Messengers of the Great Spirit

In the Bird Clan, Eagle is the keeper of the Northern Door of the Medicine Wheel - the White House which represents Spirit. And this is where the Grandfathers live. When we enter into prayer every day, it helps us remember our relatives in all four directions - beginning with those in the North who are suffering from food insecurity and pollution of our natural water supply. 

Happy 2021 Family of Light! This is The Year Future Proves the Past

Truth is the only antidote for the ailments of the world, for our families and for each of us as individuals, and Eagle is the totem of truth. The sacred bird of the Cherokee and other Indigenous nations – and people around the world – who recognize the powerful, ancient role of Eagle as the messenger of the Great Spirit.

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear – The Call of the Red Road

For all aspects of creation are one. Were we are beginning to see and understand more of that sacred universal language that cannot be hidden from those who chose to walk upright and lean in closely to humility... Those who fell to the Earth our MOTHER and ask to be filled with courage, just to have enough strength to LOVE, more then you have ever done before.