About Bird Clan Messenger

Bird Clan Messenger is a woman-led small business based on the model of Social Enterprise, which creates services and opportunities for our communities.

Founded and managed by Kandace Keithley and Colleen Kettle, two Toronto women in the Native Community who live below the poverty level and have extensive lived experience in the inter-generational traumas that have destroyed our communities, our families and still affect our children.

This website and all our programming is our answer to our own poverty and our offering to our community through providing teachings via our Bird Clan Blog, Circles, Ceremonies, Workshops and other events – and soon, a radio show.

Our work is to bring people face to face with the truth about the struggles of our Native relatives and Ancestors, our understanding of the land, our understanding of trust, contracts, and other issues that we have been struggling with since European contact.

We teach in circles, in the Native way using hands-on crafting to teach about nature, the Medicine Wheel, medicines and other aspects of our culture.

Our day-long workshops integrate craft-making, teachings, sharing talks with our community members about important topics like Residential Schools, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, the high incarceration rate of Native people, and our cultural understanding of many issues, which is always aligned with the Great Spirit.

We hire members of our community to help us with our workshops and larger events as this provides great value to the non-native community, offering access to the guidance and gifts of the first people of this land as well as income and training for our people.

The fees for our events provide financial support for members of our community who are respected cultural and spiritual leaders. Their work is of great importance, and in the tradition of our Ancestors is supported by the community and people they share their teachings with.

Bird Clan Messenger’s community of Elders and Oshkebewis includes Spiritual Teachers, Storytellers, Historians, Artists, Musicians, Drummers, Ceremony Leaders, and courageous warriors who are willing to share their personal stories of horrific tragedy and inter-generational trauma.

We are honoured to work with churches, businesses, government agencies, and communities to create our sharing circles, and look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us here to learn how the Bird Clan can help you learn the Red Road.