Join Colleen & Kandace on Radio Regent as we LAUNCH The Mockingbird Radio Show – St. Patrick’s Day – 1 p.m.

Join Toronto Bird Clan Mothers Colleen Kettle and Kandace Keithley every Tuesday at 1 PM on Radio Regent for Indigenous wisdom and teachings, plant medicine and mom advice integrated with some great music and conversations with our Native relatives.

Radio Regent

Bird Clan Messenger’s Mockingbird Radio Show offers wisdom and teachings of the original people of Turtle Island to help people build the New Earth at this time the Cherokee know as “the Time Out of Time,” the Ojibwe understand as the Time of the 8th Fire, and Christians are calling The Great Awakening.

We share the Ancient prophecies and the teachings of both Native and Christian prophets and Elders as part of our mission based on Healing and Reconciliation.

crazy-hourse-seven-generationsMockingbird integrates the prophecies and teachings using music, stories and art – and also covers history and politics from a Native & grassroots female perspective.

Bird Clan Messenger is a woman-led small business working toward becoming a registered Charity, which creates services and opportunities for our communities.

The website, The Mockingbird Radio Show and all our programming is our answer to our own poverty and our offering to our community through providing teachings via our Bird Clan Blog, Circles, Ceremonies, Workshops and other events, The Mockingbird Radio Show and soon a live stream.

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