Mockingbird Media Coming Soon!

Bird Clan Messenger is excited to announce the creation of Mockingbird Media, offering Traditional Indigenous teachings, music and news, opinion and analysis via our blog, social media and eventually live streams.


We are here to serve the Native People of North America, based in Toronto – the Land of the Dish with One Spoon – the Ancestral home of the generous and mighty Aanishnaabeg. Chi Miigwetch to our relatives who so kindly host our visit here. A’ho. 

Like our Bird Relative it is named for, Mockingbird Media speaks with the voices of many – and is a grassroots volunteer movement – meaning we can’t pay $$ but will give you bylines and promote your work across all our affiliated platforms. It is our prayer that we WILL be able to pay for people’s contributions once we are up and running.


We will be needing the help of our artists, writers, tech wizards, video creators, social media leaders, medicine people and musicians. We need your gifts and talents, so if you’ve been seeking an opportunity to shine, here it is!

If you would like to get involved with creating a media outlet for the Original People, shoot us a message through the Bird Clan Messenger site.

Thank you so much for being here.


One thought on “Mockingbird Media Coming Soon!

  1. I simply sing with my voice
    Have made songs of war
    Mother earth
    Free Julian Assange
    I pray with the help if trees I have a connection with few ,who are like my family and now the rest of the natural world
    I have used my voice for healing


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