This morning, as I was sitting with my guides and planning my day, they said: “Hey Girl – did you know today is Pi Day? Do you have ANY IDEA what that means???”

Since the day of my arrival on this planet, my motto has been, “But, what does it mean?” So, naturally I launched into high-gear research junkie mode.

Thanks to the Science and Math Heroes in our lives, most of us know March 14 is the day we celebrate the number 3.14 – known as Pi (Thanks, y’all).  But many of us (who aren’t actual ROCKET SCIENTISTS like Jesse, my homey from The Ville), don’t know a whole lot about the multi-facted miracle of Pi.

The folks at Pi Day dot Org have gathered up the Science & Math basics -> Here’s a starting point for your education about π and Pi Day.

But, Pi goes well beyond the realm of Science and Math into virtually every aspect of our lives here on Planet Earth – from perfect symmetry in the Created World, to powerful Metaphysical Truths and Universal Laws.

Although it’s still a bit hard to see through the remaining density of Gaia’s 3D state (which is still recovering from the imbalance caused by too much patriarchal power over the past few thousand years), there is increasingly abundant evidence showing 3.14 to be a number of the Divine Feminine. The Archetypal Mother. The Great Goddess.

MothersOfTheWorldWe passed through the Crux of the 7th Fire and 7th Trumpet Prophecies on 3.11 (calendar opposite of 9.11); and, the evidence of the Great Mother’s return is now impossible to ignore.

Today’s events (3.14.18) are really quite something. There is profound and divine synchronicity in the relationship between Pi and the anniversary dates of some of humanity’s greatest minds: Galileo, Einstein, Hawking (Rest well, our friend), the numerology, sacred geometry, and mathematical significance of the number 3.14.

And – Holy OM (!) – the relationship between the Divine Feminine and the CIRCLE is ubiquitous in humanity’s collective understanding of the Sacred.  There is a TON of information about Pi and I could just go on and on forever, but instead of a big blathery post filled with MY words, I’ve just decided to give you. . .

Pi Day Presents!PieDay

I am sharing some links (in no particular order) to sites/stories that I feel are good teachers and supporters to us as we return the essence of the Great Mother to our planet. This re-balancing is necessary to restore our planet, our communities, and our Selves to balance.


PICropCircleJweel Blog: “Symbols & Their Meaning: The Number Pi” ∞ This is a great article from a blog produced by a New Earth design group. Jweel explores the meaning of Pi in its many different facets – from mathematics and science to the Scriptures, teachings, and beliefs of all Spiritual traditions.


Blog Seattle: “The Pie Goddess in Enumclaw” ∞ While exploring the relationship between Pie and PIE (yum), I discovered a review about this little place called The Pie Goddess in Enumclaw, WA.

Enumclaw is roughly translated to “place of thunder” in the language of the Salish people who lived there before European settlers arrived. At this very moment in history, the Salish people are joined in British Columbia with Water Protectors from around the world in solidarity against the Justin Trudeau government’s Kinder-Morgan pipeline. 

GrandmasPieCrustIf you can’t get to Enumclaw, WA to visit the Pie Goddess, Here is a video from the “Hands That Cook” YouTube Channel to teach you how to make pie crust the way Grandma used to make it.

Beyond Grandma’s heavenly pie-crust, there is a long relationship between the Divine Feminine and round pastry. From Greek and Roman Myth, we learn about Goddesses of Grain, Demeter and Ceres.

The remains of an ancient Roman bread pie from Pompeii, carbonized in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE, featured in Stuart Dean’s article, “Why Is Pizza Round? The Black Goddess of Rome,” in

Stuart Dean explores the deep symbolic expressions of the Great Goddess that we make when doing something as commonplace as making a pizza:

It is particularly significant that the pizza is made with or from all four elements.  Water, for example, is in the bread and (from milk) in the cheese.  Fire bakes the bread and smokes the cheese.  Earth produces the grain from which the bread is made and the herbs that are mixed into the spread.  Air functions in a variety of ways, most directly in activating the fire.  Thus, consistent with the world view Moretum can be associated with, the pizza does not merely represent, but actually is constituted by the elements that encircle and hence embody the Goddess.


3 + 14 + 18 = 8

Today’s date is a Number 8 in numerology. According to Master Numerologist, Hanz Decoz, “Eight is the great Karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown….The 8 balances the material and immaterial worlds. At its best, it is as spiritual as it is materialistic.” Read more about this year’s Pi numerology here.

Astrologer and numerologist Suzanne Wagner offers comfort to people who may be feeling blocked and uncomfortable today:

” Know that you may feel blocked from expressing your needs for companionship or the comforts of relationships this afternoon, perhaps due to your responsibilities or concerns. You might find that expressing your feelings and what you need from others is harder to do at the moment. Know that there is a shift as Mercury, Venus, and Chiron align tomorrow.” Suzanne’s complete blog post is here.

And finally, we hear from Rabbi Max Weiman’s exploration of Pi from the perspective of Kabbalah:

“In math the concept of infinity has evolved and advanced over the years. Our understanding of galaxies and light years has broadened our minds. Yet some fundamental truths like peace, love and harmony still struggle like a clinically depressed turtle to move forward for humanity.”

I’m getting this out much later than intended because wow (!) has Lady Karma been busy at my house today. I hope you all had a wonderful Pi Day, 2018. And looking forward to seeing where we are next year at this time.

Thank you for reading,

swc kandace – 3.14.18

Toronto, ON Canada Turtle Island Gaia

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