Most of the folks in my FB universe are amazing and I love them all so much. We fought for Bernie together for some very intense months (years) – and it was through Bernie’s campaign that most of us had our awakening.

But, like any family, we have disagreements about which way the narrative is going to go. I, like many of my progressive researcher/writer/communicators friends, am moving in a direction to support President Trump.

Researchers who have been following the QAnon Intelligence posts closely for the past year and a half believe this material is being fed to the grassroots via high-placed intel agents who are working with Donald Trump and his Military advisers. Here is a direct link to the QAnon material that is being updated in real time as new material is posted.

I have been following the #QAnon Intelligence messages since July, 2016 when they first started reporting the massive corruption in the Democratic party, and the well-documented truth of a global elite who have been trafficking drugs, weapons, and human beings around the world, then using fraudulent “charities” to launder the money.

Let’s not even go down the path of #Pizzagate — which is real, I am very sad to report. Anyone who has seen the horrific images of very small children being intimately cuddled by grown men who aren’t their fathers and the shocking and disturbing pedophilia art collections of everyone involved with James Alefantis, (including the Clintons’ closest political and personal advisers, the Podesta brothers) has no doubt that #PizzaGateIsReal. Only those who are too fearful of this terrible truth about these criminals who were running our government refuse to believe.

This image and many others (much more horrific and shocking) have been removed from James Alefantis’ (owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) Instagram account.
James Alefantis, who the mainstream media claims is simply a pizza parlor owner who was unfairly attacked by “conspiracy theorists” is a close associate of the Podesta brothers and the Clintons. He had total access to the White House and spent New Year’s eve with the Obamas.

Many of us support the President in his fight to remove these massively evil and insane people from their positions of power over our government and country.

That doesn’t mean we blindly worship and believe the man on every issue. I have huge problems with some of his environmental policies, but am pleased he is upholding the ban on Ivory.

I am pleased that he issued an Executive Order that directly targets individuals funding and creating most of the wars and chaos in the world today.

And, I am very, very pleased that President Trump is leading the battle to recover America’s free and fair press.

The state of our nations (the world’s) Fourth Estate (journalism) has deteriorated to the point of tragedy. Trump is leading the charge against the media billionaires who gained total control of our country’s media through Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecommunications Act.

If you are paying attention, you will see a connection between nearly every failing and horrific aspect of our society, and Bill Clinton’s presidency.  NAFTA, private prisons, welfare “reform,” the Telecommunications Act… It is clear that he and Hillary are part of a larger operation to destroy and plunder our country and enslave as many people as possible.

But, tho’ I’m pleased with Trump’s assault on the propagandists who work for this same machine as the Clinton crime family, we will need to wait and see how far he goes. Is his plan to restore our Freedom of the Press with all the rights and responsibilities that it entails, or is he simply trying to take control for himself? Time will tell us the answer.

That said, there are also many of us Berners who will continue to focus on our progressive issues like World Peace, clean food and water, healthcare and REAL education (not indoctrination) as human rights.


I love my Democratic Socialist, Progressive and Green friends, because they keep us from falling into hero worship mode about Donald Trump. That’s how Obama got away with so much.

It is the sacred mission of good citizens and good journalists to keep a spirited discussion about the running of our country going. We were lulled into sleep by some incredibly evil forces, and it has taken a revolution of consciousness to wake people up. But, we are awakening and rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

If you need a refresher, or a first-time introduction to the writings of America’s founding fathers and our Constitution, Barnes and Noble offers a great book at a great price. Even better, you don’t have to order from Amazon.

We, as the global community have some enormous truths to process, and profound decisions to make as we work together to create a new narrative that benefits humanity and protects us from criminals in our government, in our economy, and in our communities.


kandace – Toronto, 2018-1-31